We are the lead organization in population management for well-planned and empowered Filipino families and communities. 


We commit, in collaboration with partners, to create an enabling environment to: 

  • Empower couples and individuals to achieve their desired number, timing, and spacing of children in the context of informed choice, and responsible parenthood;
  • Enable adolescents to realize their full potential and total well­being; and
  • Mainstream population factors in sustainable development initiatives.

Core Values

  • S – Service excellence
  • P – Professionalism
  • I – Innovativeness
  • R – Respect
  • I – Integrity
  • T – Teamwork & Transparency

Quality Policy

The Commission on Population (POPCOM) is the central policy-making, planning, coordinating, and monitoring body of the Philippine Population Management Program. Quality and excellence shall be our guiding principle and the heart of our commitment in POPCOM. To accomplish these goals, with our partners, we will:

  • P – Provide evidenced-based information and technical services to our partners and clients;
  • O – Observe and maintain a high degree of transparency and ethical standards in public service;
  • P – Promote professionalism and proficiency among officials and staff in meeting the evolving needs of our partners and clients and statutory requirements;
  • C – Continually improve our quality management system;
  • O – Optimize the use of public funds and resources;
  • M – Manage gender-responsive and culture-sensitive population programs efficiently and effectively.

It is the responsibility of everyone to ensure that quality is never compromised. Quality improvement is the job of all POPCOM personnel.