Regional Director’s Corner

Regional Director Harold Alfred P. Marshall
Regional Director

Population matters in Western Visayas. 

The vision of the Philippine Population Management Program is helping Filipino families become happy, healthy, and empowered members of society. This is the challenge we all aspire to achieve and it is what keeps us moving to continue doing our tasks with purpose. 

It is a fact that the growth of the population challenges sustainability. People who adhere to the importance of balancing environment, development, and sustainability are in a position to stress how important population management is and encourage people to choose manageable family sizes. Knowing that a well managed population can help a community better itself by properly planning managing the community’s needs. 

We in the Commission on Population and Development VI believe in the idea that given correct, timely, relevant, useful information and proper guidance, Filipino families can better care for themselves by making responsible and informed decisions. The initiatives undertaking by POPCOM are geared towards this in order to achieve sustainable population and development management. 

Working towards achieving this goal, we are strengthening the implementation of the three program thrusts of PPMP: Responsible Parenthood/Family Planning (RP/FP), Adolescent Health and Youth Development (AHYD), and Population and Development (PopDev) Integration with Gender and Development (GAD) cutting across all these program areas. POPCOM VI is trying its best to develop new initiatives to make its service to the community more relevant, purposive and significant as it faces the challenges of the times. 

With proper planning and coordination, every Juana and Juan can achieve being part of a happy, healthy and empowered community.